The 5 Beauty Hacks That Beauty Brands Really Do Not Want You To Know

Populating your makeup box with the latest products, lotions, and potions can

sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t have time or money on your side!

But achieving high impact makeup results needn’t cost the earth - there are a whole host of ways that you can achieve professional results without having to splash your cash on big brand products that promise the earth.

Instead, why not try our top 5 beauty hacks that the beauty brands really don’t want

you to know about?

Make it matt

It’s often the case that we find the perfect shade of lipstick only to discover that it’s not matt! Yes, there really is nothing worse than having your heart set on a certain colour only for it not to be available in your preferred consistency.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect trick up our sleeves when it comes to making your lipstick matt! Simply take a tissue, peel it in half, ensuring that you only have one

layer of paper, and use it to apply a colourless powder to your lips. This technique will allow you to achieve a beautiful, matt lipstick in a matter of seconds.

Lash it up

Achieving longer lashes needn’t cost the earth or require the help of expensive

products! To achieve high impact lashes equipped to turn heads, simply apply a layer of your favourite mascara, then take a cotton bud and gently sprinkle the lightest touch of baby powder across your lashes.

Next, apply a second coat of mascara and boom, you’ll have voluminous lashes in an instant!

No tinted lip balm?

It’s not unusual to run out of our favourite products at the most inconvenient of times.

But there’s always an option and solution when your makeup box is running low on

your fail-safe essentials.

So, if you run out of your tinted lip balm, we have just the answer. Simply take your

regular clear lip balm and mix it with your favourite lipstick or pigment shade –this will give you a beautiful tinted balm in seconds, with zero cost.

Blotting papers on the expensive side?

Ensuring that your makeup box is constantly stocked with your favourite products can be a costly business, right?

But, if you run out of blotting paper, did you know that arts and craft tissue paper is a

great alternative? Oh and don’t ask us how we discovered this but did you know that the napkins in Starbucks are up to the job too?

Can’t find the perfect foundation shade but love the texture?

If you’re looking for the perfect foundation, it can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to finding the ideal shade, texture, and consistency.

But if you do find a foundation that ticks all the boxes in terms of texture, but the colour is still not quite right, why not do what the professionals do and mix it?

Let’s face it, it would be almost impossible for makeup artists to stock foundation that is able to match every single skin tone, which is why they always carry a few shades with them so that they can mix colours together in order to get the right shade (yup, it really is like painting!)

Also, did you know that your skin tone will change throughout the months? So

perfecting this technique will also allow you to always achieve the perfect colour match and finish!

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