The Top 5 Make-up Brush Questions

When it comes to make-up brushes, it can often be difficult to know the difference between different types of brushes, how to use them effectively, and the techniques you need to use in order to optimise results – so it’s safe to say that it can be a bit of mind-field!

But don’t worry - we’re here to help! We’ve complied a list of some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to make-up brushes, letting you into some of our top tips. After all, as some of the most essential tools in your make-up box, it’s important that you know how to get the most out of your brushes.

So, here we go….

First of all, do I really need to invest in make-up brushes?

This is a no brainer… yes, you definitely should invest in make up brushes and they should certainly be recognised as an essential component when it comes to the application of your make-up. Using the right brush will not only allow you to nail a great complexion, it will also allow you to achieve an all-round flawless finish. After all, they do say that a workman is really only as good as their tools, right?

What is the best way to keep my make-up brushes clean?

When you’re using your brushes daily, it’s easy to see how they can accumulate excess make-up in no time at all. However, when it comes to keeping your brushes clean, we have just the answer…

Mild shampoo (we swear by Johnson’s baby wash and luke warm water) is one of the most effective ways of cleaning your make-up brushes, ensuring that they are kept in pristine condition and are ready for the next time you need to use them. Simply wet your brush under the tap, pour some of the product onto your hand, gently work the shampoo into the bristles until any excess product has been removed, and rinse away. Repeat the process until the brushes are clean, re- them, and leave them to dry over night!

But why are make-up brushes so expensive?

The saying goes -buy cheap and you’ll buy twice. And this is definitely the case when it comes to make-up brushes.

As an essential component of any make-up box, make-up brushes are not only a worthwhile investment, they are also one of the only ways to achieve an optimum finish.

But that’s not all, many people fail to realise that make-up brushes also take time and skill to build in terms of the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to pinpointing materials that will allow you to reap the benefits of a flawless finish.

Here at BASE Pro Artists, we are experts in building handmade products that will allow you to achieve a precision and high impact finish, time after time. Each and every one of our brushes is handmade by highly skilled artists who have passed down their skills over the years to ensure that they will arrive in perfect condition.

What is better synthetic makeup brushes or natural hair?

This is one of the most commonly asked make-up brush questions and the simple answer is… it really is down to personal preference and what you’re using the make-up brush for.

For example, synthetic make-up brushes tend to be far more effective when using liquids and creams such as concealers and cream eye shadows. Whereas powder based products tend to work far better with natural hair products.

This is mainly because natural hair make-up brushes are porous and will pick up the product far easier and therefore, are better for dispersing colour and powder onto your face. Have you ever noticed that a synthetic brush doesn’t disperse the product very well?

Which brushes are essential?

Again, this one comes down to personal preference. Here at BASE Pro Artists, we have two fantastic introduction sets that will open your eyes to the benefits that come hand in hand with using brushes to apply your make-up!

These include Buff, Blush and Blend, and our Get Set Glow Package.

What’s the difference?

Buff, Blush and Blend – this is a set that is perfect for beginners. Complete with a foundation brush, the Buff Brush, then Blush for Blusher and a blending brush, it’s a great starter pack!

Get Set Glow Package - this package features 5 brushes and The Small Pouch, which is perfect for carrying both brushes and makeup. This fabulous set is a great introduction for those looking to start their collection or as a present.

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