Brushes Made Easy - The BASE Pro Artists Brush Guide

When it comes to achieving a flawless, crease-free finish, it’s all about having the right tools in your beauty box.

Make-up brushes are not only an essential component to achieving the perfect finish, they are also great for employing a number of techniques that will allow you to experiment with different looks and finishes, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment.

That said, pinpointing the perfect brushes can be a bit of mind-field if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry, this is where we’re here to help. We’ve complied a handy BASE Pro Artist guide, which will introduce you to a range of high performance brushes, whilst outlining what each brush does and why you should use it!

The Shadow Brush – This is a brush that is perfect for packing on and dispersing your eye shadow. To apply, simply place the brush in the product and gently dab onto your eye in order to release the colour. This brush is also ideal for use with cream and powder.

The Brow Brush – For perfectly groomed brows, this brush should be your first port of call. Complete with firm but gentle bristles, this beauty box staple will ensure that your brows are always shaped the way you want them.

The Buff Brush – When it comes to applying liquid and cream foundation, this is the only brush we will ever use. But it does take a certain technique to ensure that you achieve optimum results. Use the brush in circular motions in order to distribute the product over the skin and achieve a glowing complexion. You can also use the brush with cream blushers adopting the same technique.

The Blush Brush – Designed to be used with a powder blusher, this brush is great for injecting instant colour into your everyday look. Incredibly soft, this high performance brush will allow you gently sweep the product onto your face, without having to worry about lines!

The Highlighter Brush – Contouring is huge this season! However, there is certainly a technique to achieving the ultimate finish, and this technique requires the right tools. The highlighter brush allows you to highlight key areas of your face with ease. And, with its soft bristles, you can rest assured that comfort and performance are always optimised.

The Shader Brush – Perfectly equipped to pack on your shadow and achieve light blending, the Shader Brush comes complete with super soft bristles to achieve a comfortable and flawless finish.

The Concealer Brush – Soft and gentle, this brush is great for apply cream based concealer products.

The Lip Brush – Armed with its unique, retractable design, this lip brush is designed to allow you to apply your lipstick, in a way that will always leave your lips looking and feeling their very best.

The Foundation Brush – Use with either liquid or cream to achieve a flawless finish! A foundation brush is great for optimising coverage and a crease free finish.

The Comb Brush – The ideal solution for grooming brows and lashes.

The Liner Brush – Perfect for achieving a precision look – this line brusher is ideal for applying eyeliner and lip-liner. Armed with tiny natural hairs, this brush is designed to achieve the perfect line.

The Defining Brush – Whether you use this brush as eyeliner or smudger brush, it is great for achieving both understated and bold looks.

The Blending Brush - Designed to optimise blending, apply a circular motion technique teamed with long sweeping action to blend power-based eye shadows.

The Pencil Brush – Perfect for blending and adding pops of colour to small areas, this brush requires application to be conducted in small circular motions.

The Tapered Blending Brush – This brush is extremely similar to the blending brush in the sense that it is great for blending, particularly powder based eye shadows.

The Duo Blending Brush – This multi-purpose blending brush is a beauty box essential. Designed for use with cream and liquid based products, it can be used with a whole host of products including shadows and even concealers.

Any more questions? The BASE Pro Artists team is always here to help. Email for further info,

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