Raising Eyebrows For All The Right Reasons - BASE Pro Artists Brow Guide

In today’s beauty obsessed world, achieving the perfect set of brows is a task that many of us struggle to perfect. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced the pain of trying to achieve matching brows at one time or another - even more so now that perfectly formed brows continue to be a key beauty trend, season to season!

But achieving the perfect brow is not quite as much as an art form as you might think, providing you use the right technique, products, and a healthy dose of patience!

Here at Base Pro Artists, we’re passionate about brows, particularly as they have the ability to add definition to your face, instantly changing your appearance with dramatic results.

From brow gels and liners to duos and powders, there are a whole host of fantastic products out there that are perfectly equipped to help you to achieve the perfect set of brows, to complement and enhance your face.

We’ve created a helpful guide to the perfect brow, which should hopefully help you to achieve optimum brow results!

Shape up

First and foremost, it’s important that you get to grips with defining the shape of your brows in a way that enhances your key features. We’re huge fans of threading, as this not only provides precision shaping, it also leaves your brows looking their best - pre-made-up state!

Of course, this ancient Indian art form can be difficult to do yourself, so we would always advise getting them threaded professionally if you can. Alternatively, plucking and brushing are also just as effective! Just make sure that you start by brushing your brows thoroughly, ensuring that you elongate the ends. And remember, to achieve the perfect shape, your brows should start from the inner corner of your eye and extend out to a 45 degree angle in the opposite direction of the tip of your nose. If you’re unsure, use your brush to measure!

Now it’s time to define those brows!

And there are a whole host of products out there that you can use to achieve optimum, high impact results.

Brow gel, powder or liner – regardless of which type of product you choose, all three of these are effective forms of brow definition. A powder is renowned for achieving more of a softer look whereas gels and liners should be your first port of call if you’re looking to create a strong, bold look!

You can always combine a powder and gel for maximum impact!

Invest in the right tools

Successful make-up application starts with having the right tools in your beauty box. And this is certainly the case when it comes to investing in the right brushes to achieve the perfect finish when perfecting your brows.

Although many products come with application brushes, these are not always capable of achieving the defined, glamorous look seen on fashion runways around the world. The good news is…our BASE Pro Artists Brush is perfect for achieving on point brows every single day.

Equipped to achieve a good strong line, our firm BASE Pro Artists Brush should be used to apply your product in short sharp strokes in the direction of your natural hair - this is the best way to achieve a natural look! Next, simply brush through the brows and disperse the product evenly.

You can always add a touch of concealer directly under the brows to really define the shape!

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