The You Asked We Answered - The Makeup Questions You Secretly Wanted To Know

You asked so we answered. We here at BASE Pro Artists always love hearing from our fans, questions regarding which brush would be best for which purpose, but how about them niggling questions that you really want to know and Google is not providing the answers.

Well, this week at BASE Pro we put it to you. What would you like to know? What questions do you have about our brushes or about makeup in general that you are either too embarrassed to ask or just have not had the opportunity. And hear is what you said.

Q – Which should I apply first Foundation or Concealer?

In our opinion it is always better to apply foundation first and then use concealer just were you need them extra spots of coverage.

Q - If I use a pinky coloured highlighter what colour eye shadow can you use? Some of my eye shadows have a slight shimmer to them - would you avoid that if you're using a highlighter?

A highlighter should simply be used to define the highpoints of your skin and give yourself a bit of a glow. In regards to eyeshadows, this shouldn’t affect your choice in colour. Consider you eye colour itself and what would look nice against this and in regards to a shimmer in the eyeshadow, absolutely go for it, just be away that it will give your face even more of a glow. If you are looking for something a bit more subtle try a matt shade.

Q- What's the best mascara ever? And what's the best way to use it to make sure you don't get those lumpy bits?

Best ever questions are always a bit trickier as everyone has different preferences on how they like their makeup, however in our opinion there are a few mascaras which we really rate and know that they are makeup artist kit favourites. These include Benefit – They’re Real, Lancom – Hyponose Waterproof, Max Factor - Masterpiece MAX Mascara, Dior - Diorshow Mascara. And in regards to those lumpy bits, firstly make sure your mascara has been purchased within the last 3 months, mascaras do go out of date and this will really help. Then apply thin even coats of the mascara and brush through the lashes straight after with a comb brush to ensure any clumps are removed. Veolia, beautiful lashes.

Q - How do I get rid of the I live in England with no sun, winter skin and achieve healthy, glow but not shiny skin?

Ah, yes, the we live in England question. Not to worry. Firstly, ensure you prep your skin correctly, removing all traces of makeup and prime the skin with a healthy moisturiser and a dose of lip balm. Ensuring the skin feels fresh. Then try adding a BB or CC cream instead of a heavier foundation, this will give the skin a much fresher finish and use liquid of cream highlighters and blush. Cream products are a lot less heavy than powder and provide a fresher look, but if you still need that extra injection of a bit of colour. Try adding a bronzer to the high parts of your face, down the nose, your cheekbones and forehead making sure to blend this product really well.

Q- How do I clean my makeup brushes?

Cleaning makeup brushes is super simple and you won’t need to buy an expensive brush cleaner. You can do this by using simple a mild shampoo, i.e. baby shampoo, squirt a little bit into your hand, move the brush around in the liquid and wash with lukewarm water. After you have finished, reshape the brush and leave to dry.

Q- How do I create the illusion of cheekbones?

This is all about contouring. Contouring has become a big thing recently because of the Kardashian craze, but this originally started out as a theatre technique to add definition. There are plenty of methods to do this from using a shade of foundation 2-3 tones darker than your skin, or a concealer but the easiest way is to use a bonzer. Use the bronzer to sculplt out the areas of your face, beneath you cheekbones, down the side of your nose, around the corners of your face and slightly down onto the neck and around your hairline and always remember to blend this thoroughly. To really define the cheekbones, add a blush and then highlight right on top of the cheekbone to push this area forward and create the illusion of depth on your face.

Q- How do I create the smokey eye effect without looking like I've given myself a black eye?

If you find that using a black gives this look, try using another colour. A smokey eye is merely about the blend of an eyeshadow from full to nothing and the easiest way to do this is by using a blending brush. We here at BASE Pro Artists have three, but for this, we would recommend either The Tapered Blending Brush or The Blending Brush. Try adding just a small amount of product to the out corner of the eye, and using small circular motions blending that shadow further across they eye. Remember to add very small amounts of product at a time and add to this as you need it and blend, blend, blend.

Q- How do I work out what foundation will be best for my skin without buying loads of different ones and ending up spending loads of money!?

The one key word. Samples. When you go to a counter, ask to sample to product, get them to make up for face and see how to product sits on your skin. Or ask for a sample of that product, most brands will give this to you for free and you can give it a go and see how it works for you. Remember every persons skin is different so there is no perfect foundation that will be great on everyone.

Q- How do I achieve the Kim Kardashian flawless skin cover without looking like I have caked myself with loads of foundation?

As we said previously with contouring, this is a method that was used by stage artists so it can have a tendency to be thicker. However, try using a lighter foundation and a concealer for your contouring and if you are still finding this too heavy, add a touch of oil free moisturiser to a makeup sponge and gently press this over the skin. This should help to make the makeup look a little fresher.

Q - How do you put on a strong lip colour without it looking patchy and weird in 5 minutes?

Ensure that you have primed the lips properly with a balm and let this soak into the skin. Then prep the lips by using a liner all across the lips, this will help enhance the staying power of the lipstick and help with feathering. Next apply the lipstick in layers ensuring to blot after every coat. Building up layers of colour will help the product last much longer.

Thank you to everyone for all your questions and if you have any more please feel free to post them below and we will try to do another Q&A soon.

BASE Pro Artists x

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